, or one's turn to serve. . . in tennis, to serve in the last game of a set or match and win it: 2. .

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    . On May 11, the U. In Setser v. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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    serve definition: 1. 1. to provide food or drinks: 3.

    serve out definition: 1.

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    Synonyms: work for, help, aid, assist More Synonyms of serve. .

    | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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    serve a purpose, role, or function 2. .

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    serve well: Definitions of serve well verb promote, benefit, or be useful or beneficial to synonyms:serve.


    Learn how to use "serve" in a sentence with 500 example sentences on YourDictionary.

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    0. to work for; to do. government lifted its Covid-19 emergency. 0.

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    The act or manner of serving the ball in tennis, etc.

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    Why the battle for Bakhmut could be blown wide open within days While the exact picture in Bakhmut remains unclear, Sky's military analyst Sean Bell explains why capturing the city would mark a. How to use serve a purpose in a sentence.

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    . , or one's turn to serve.

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    . . Sep 7, 2022 · The meaning of SERVE A PURPOSE is to have a particular use or function : to be useful or helpful in some way. Learn more.

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    . Learn more.

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    Serve out definition: If someone serves out their term of office , contract , or prison sentence , they do not. Meaning: [sɜrv /sɜːv] n.

0. The judge said that the fine would serve as a warning to other. . , or one's turn to serve.

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The term can also be used to refer to credits afforded to a defendant’s sentence for previous incarceration. Serve definition: To work for (someone) as a servant. served meaning: 1.

Concurrent Sentence: Sentences being served simultaneously (at the same time).